During the order process, you will be prompted to upload your artwork.

Before uploading the artwork for your order, we’ll need you to make sure that it is supplied to the correct specifications. We have created the following guide to help you provide your artwork:

Artwork Specification

  • We recommend programs such as InDesign, Quark or Page Plus to create high quality artwork.
  • Please upload artwork as either a PDF or EPS, ensuring that all fonts are embedded and images are high quality.
  • To ensure quality of print, please ensure that artwork is 300dpi (dots per inch) and CMYK colour format.
  • We can accept other artwork formats – please just contact us for details.
  • We can create your artwork for an additional charge – please contact us for details.

Bleed and TrimSupplying Artwork Illustration

Bleed allows colour and background images to print right to the edge of your leaflet or flyer.
Trim means that important information like text is not cut off in the finishing process.

  • Bleed 3mm (backgrounds should continue into this area so that colour bleeds off the side of the page)
  • Trim 3mm (keep live matter within a 3mm margin to allow for the page to be trimmed)